Make your Customers & your Team Happier

Your business already runs on SAP. You can bring the power of SAP to your distributors, dealers, customers, customer service and sales reps through your fully-integrated DESK.

DESK will dramatically leverage your existing SAP investments and you will begin obtaining the process efficiencies your business needs to stay competitive and profitable. Your customer service reps will be more efficient. Your customers will be happier because your staff will be able to quickly help them without having to search for emails.

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How Can DESK Help You?

Our Product description

Powerfull tool for all your customer self-service needs

DESK allows your B2B Customers: Distributors and Retailers to submit new purchase order, update purchase order, view order status, shipping information, communicate with supplier, receive invoices, and check price & availability of product in real-time. DESK allows your sales reps and customer service team to view the same information, communicate with your customers and able to help them quickly.

Want to discover all the features?

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Features on Desk

Access Request

- Submits Registration

- Registration Notification

Sales Orders Query

- Display Open Sales Orders List

- Advanced Query Selection

- Edit Sales Order

- Print Sales Order

- Create new Shopping Cart from Sales Order

Sales Order View

- Display of Pricing Summary

- Display of Discounts & Credits

- Display Attachments

- Invoice Print at Line Item Level

- Display of Invocie List

- Display of Notes/Comments

- Exchange messages between customer service and dealers/retailers

- Display of Items

- Display of Shipping Address at Line Item Level

Check Price and Availability

- Search for Products based on Keyword (Amazon Experience)

- Search for Products by Category (Amazon Experience)

- Availability Display by Store wise

- Create Shopping Cart

- Create Wish List

Create Sales Order

- Search for Products based on Keyword (Amazon Experience)

- Search for Products by Category (Amazon Experience)

- Create Shopping Cart

- Create Wish List

- Select existing Ship-to Address or Create new Ship-to Address

Billing Documents

- Search for Invocies, Credit Memos & Down Payments

- Display document details

- Print document

DESK Implementation Process

Our staff can perform complete integration services for you or we can provide your IT department with the tools and training necessary to integrate your ERP/CRM system with the DESK. In many cases, DESK can be integrated with SAP ERP/CRM system within 30 days.

While every integration project is unique and each company’s requirements are different, so we perform a detailed analysis first before we present our recommendations. Once that has been completed, we begin mapping the ERP/CRM system to DESK. After that has been successfully completed we will install DESK and train your staff. A final implementation review is performed and then the DESK is ready to be turned on.

What are customers and experts saying about DESK?

We can help you transform your enterprise user experience from SAPGUI/CRM WEBUI to a clean, modern user experience that’s role-based, responsive, and needs minimal training. We are SAP FIORI, UI5, OData, iOS & CRM WEBUI experts. We are professionals at ABAP, ODATA,UI5, JAVA SCRIPT, HTML5, jQuery, Netveawer Gateway. We also provide our technical and functional expertise at every level of an SAP ERP/CRM implementation.